Agency of Professional Negotiators

ADN Talents is an extension of ADN Group, the Negotiator Agency, founded by renowned negotiators Marwan Mery and Laurent Combalbert.

Having an exceptional experience, Mery and Combalbert intervene worldwide to resolve complex situations. These include critical cases (kidnappings and ransom, extortion, illegal confinement, suicide attempts…), social conflict, commercial negotiations with high stakes, diplomatic relations or assistance where patients refuse to comply with their treatment. As authors of several successful publications, their lives inspired the international television series Ransom.

Marwan Mery and Laurent Combalbert created a team of Talents, with unique expertise, to be able to successfully assist businesses and government organisations that are more and more in need of guidance. A selected few, PhDs, executive directors, operational psychologists or former government members, have all put their expertise and experience to the use of ADN Talents.

Marwan Mery
Laurent Combalbert
Qui sommes-nous ? Who
are we?
Ce que nous faisons What
we do
La différence Why are we

Who are we?

ADN Talents is a French firm, based in the heart of Paris, whose vocation is to intervene worldwide to train and guide businesses of any size in daily challenges.

ADN Talents is a DATADOCK training organisation and is registered with the CPF©.

Qui sommes-nous ?

What we do

ADN Talents provides training courses in complex negotiation (commercial, social, managerial, contentious, critical…) patient-physician relations, crisis management, psychosocial risks, performance management (sleep, recovery, energy and nutrition), management, leadership and collective agility.

Ce que nous faisons

Why are we different?

The members of ADN Talents are not consultants, coaches or conventional trainers. Unlike other training organisations, ADN Talents is made up of a team of active professionals. The Talents occupy prestigious posts in businesses or government organisations and dedicate a part of their time to ADN Talents.

As a consequence, the members of ADN Talents are professionals who use their skills daily.

La différence

Digital Tools

The in-person training is completed with digital tools, to help put the acquired knowledge to use but also for self-training and evaluation. ADN Talents provides online tests, serious games and dematerialized mediums.